Ornamental Steel Fence Installation

Ornamental Steel Fencing Service & Repair

Ornamental steel fences provide safety and elegant look to your property. Steel is a resilient material for fences that resists strong impact and winds. Most steel fences are durable because they are galvanized and rust-free. Steel is highly-customizable that you can have flat pickets or decorative caps. We offer low maintenance and highly durable steel fences for your home.

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Benefits of Ornamental Steel Fencing

An ornamental steel fence looks good with any type of property, be it a private home, an apartment, duplex or commercial property . It enhances the security of your home at the same time boost your curb appeal. Steel fencing materials are also very durable that can withstand harsh weather conditions. A steel fence needs no maintenance throughout its life. Steel is also versatile to be made in unique decorative features of the fence. It is resistant to rust, unlike other metal fences without protective coating.

What to Consider Before Installing A Steel Fence

It is necessary to take size into account before installing an ornamental steel fence. The size of your fence post depends on the size of your property. Remember that the larger the area is, the larger the panels should be. We customize the size of your ornamental steel fence to fit your property. The next thing you want to consider is the design and style. If you value the aesthetics of your property, and steel fences are a perfect choice. You can choose a modern or traditional style depending on your preference. We deliver a wide range of steel fence designs and styles you can choose from.

Styles of Ornamental Steel Fence

We install fences based on your preferred style.

  • Steel Picket Fence
  • Color Bond Fence
  • Tubular Fence

Steel Fence Vs Aluminum Fence

Steel provides more security compared to aluminum because it provides more strength. It’s a tough and long-lasting barrier with varieties to choose from. Ornamental steel fencing styles include picket, color bond, and tubular. Homeowners who want high security and aesthetics to their property choose steel fencing. On the other hand, an aluminum fence is more lightweight and recyclable.

Hassle-Free Ornamental Steel Fence Installation

We provide durable fences that match the style of your residential home. We take pride in delivering the right fencing solution for you. Our skilled craftsmen make sure that your fence is installed properly. We offer excellent warranty terms and a world-class installation service that suits your needs.

Fence Repair and Maintenance

If you decided to install an ornamental steel fence, you don’t need to maintain it much. But, proper care is the key if you want it to last long. We are professional when it comes to repair and maintenance of your fence. We handle the restoration of your fence to its best condition so you can focus more on other things. We give you the best value for your money when it comes to fence repair.

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