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Custom Gates & Security Access Service & Repair

Gate Installation and repair services in the Port City Area. There are many reasons why you would want this service. The main reason being custom gates and security access regulate who enters your property. The electric-powered mechanism controls the gate to provide a great level of security. We install state of the art gates with security access that protect your property from intruders.

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Gate Installation & Repair services

There are lots of reasons why you would need to install a security access gate. Controlling access to your property provides even greater security. A security access gate keeps your home from being intruded. This barrier to entry is hard to breach and increases the level of protection you desire. An automated system for your gate provides a record of who is coming in and out of your property. It’s also more convenient to automate the opening and closing of your gate. You won’t have to leave your car just to open or close it. Modern and hi-tech furnishings increase your curb value. Choosing a custom gate style for your home adds visual appeal to your residential property.

Types of Custom Gates and Security Access

Your property has different access control needs compared to commercial facilities. It’s necessary to know if the type of security access gate is right for you.

  • Swing Gate. It opens on one end and typically extends to 90 degrees. The gate can swing inside and out.
  • Slide Gate. It moves sideways, from left to right, to make way from incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Customizing Your Security Access Gate

Lots of gates are designed based on specific themes. Your security access gate can be traditional, contemporary, or gothic. You can also include your family’s crest or logo. Choosing your security access gate’s color is another way to have a personalized touch. For security gates made of wood, you can paint or stain it. On the other hand, metal gates are easy to get powder coated. Shapes are customizable too. You can choose the classic rectangular picket shape, rounded arch-type, and other available shapes.

Accessories for Security Access Gate

Adding these accessories together with your security access gate boost safety and ease of access to your property. We provide highly-functional accessories that suit your needs and budget.

  • Wireless Intercom
  • Sensors
  • Card Reader
  • Pin pads
  • Remote Entry

Hassle-Free Gate Installation & Repair

We install state-of-the-art premium-grade security access gate for your property. When you book us, you’ll find everything that you need when it comes to your security gate. We are committed to giving you the best service possible. Our mission is to make you feel safe and secure inside your property. We give you reasonably-priced options for your security gate needs.

Gate and Security Access Repair and Maintenance

Automated gate systems often need maintenance and repair. It’s better to call the professionals to take care of it for you. We troubleshoot and identify faulty mechanisms and provide cost-effective solutions. Our topmost priority is to get your security gate up and running again.

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    Gates In All Shapes, Styles, And Sizes

    No matter if it’s a walkway, alleyway, driveway our team has a gate that can secure it for you. If you aren’t sure where to start request a stress-free consultation today. We will help you determine the right system, timeline, and budget for your specific needs. Here are some options for different gate materials.


    Wood Gates

    Maybe you want a complete cedar fence or just a wood look. No problem. Our fence warehouse has various different types of wood for you to choose from. If we don’t have it we’ll find it.

    Iron Gates

    This is an all-around kind of material. Offering decorative, high security, commercial uses, wrought iron gates make a real property statement. Our team can build and fabricate any gate to your liking. No project is too difficult for our fence company of Wilmington’s experts.

    Custom Gates

    Decision anxiety? No problem we can custom make any mix of materials leaving you with a one of a kind gate or fence. We can absolutely turn your ideas into a reality. Let’s get this custom gate project going so you can leave your neighbors talking.

    Automatic Gates

    These are great options if you want security but don’t want to get out of the car or house to open it. We offer many different systems depending on the property type. Get in touch with our Carolina fence company today for a no-obligation estimate.

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    Other Gate Services Our Carolina Fence Company Offers

    Driveway Gate Repairs and Installation

    Driveways are a very important feature for a home, business, or warehouse. We understand that they should be protected. If you are looking for extra security for your home or business adding a driveway gate is a good idea. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to a driveway gate. The two most popular being:

    • Automatic Driveway Gates
    • Electric Driveway Gates

    Let’s talk about both options to help you choose. Most people prefer automatic gates since it’s easy to use with a remote. Electric driveway gates are different because they use electric power to operate and have an electronic switch. Needless to say, our gate experts know how to install and repair both styles. Get in touch with Fence company of Wilmington today to see which style would suit your needs.

    Gate Door Repair and Installation

    Adding a gate to any property enhances the beauty and appearance of your home. Our Carolina fence company offers a few service options for you to choose from

    • Gate Door Installation
    • Gate Door Repair
    • Security Gate Door

    There is no gate installation to small or large or to simple or complex for our experienced technicians. If you are having issues with your gate door opening or closing we understand that is a priority. Our team will be there within record time to take care of your security needs. Contact our Carolina fence company today and get a hassle-free estimate on your gate service needs.

    Garden Gates Repair and Installation

    Beautiful gardens serve many purposes for homeowners and business owners alike. They add to the feel, and beauty of any property and should be secure and protected. We know how much valuable time and money went into making your garden beautiful so now it’s time to protect it. The three most popular client options when choosing a garden gate are:

    • Wooden
    • Metal
    • Vinyl

    Let’s talk about the benefits of each material choice. Our experts love the wooden option best. These are the most affordable option and the easiest to maintain. Metal garden gates are relatively more expensive but can add a higher quality look and feel to your garden. If you like a more classy look maybe vinyl is the choice for you. This material will stand the test of time and is durable yet looks, high class. As you see it truly depends on your style and taste. Our experts are standing by to help you choose what option may be best for your property. Call Fence company of Wilmington today to discuss.

    Need a garden gate repair, not installation? No worries our professional repair experts can handle your needs.

    Gate Valve Repair and Installation

    If you don’t have a well-installed gate valve your gate may not work properly. We understand how frustrating that can be. Don’t make the costly mistake of hiring the wrong professionals to install your gate valve otherwise it could cause you headaches in the future. Our Carolina fence company has experienced professionals ready to:

    • Repair Your Gate Valve
    • Install Your New Gate Valve

    Our team is standing by to service all of your gate needs. Contact our Fence company in Wilmington to get a hassle-free quote.

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