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Are you in the Ogden, North Carolina area looking for a new fence? Whether you need a commercial, residential, or industrial fence, we have what you need. Give us a call today.

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      Tell us a little about your project, and our team will be in touch shortly.

      Ogden, NC Service Area

      A beautiful fence enhances the visual appeal of your yard or your commercial building. We provide all types of fencing services for residential and commercial settings in Ogden, NC. You can choose from our wide range of fencing options at different price points. Security is one of the main reasons why homeowners and entrepreneurs invest in a fence. A fence protects your loved ones and property from intruders that may cause harm. Your children and pets are also protected from the dangers outside. Decorative fences, like ornamental steel, can make your home and business property stand out in your area.

      Fence Company Ogden NC

      Who We Are And Why Choose Our Company

      Fence company Ogden, NC is a top-rated fencing service provider. Our team delivers world-class fence installation and repair services for your home and business. We only use the highest quality materials when we install or repair your fence. Our skilled fence specialists take care of your fencing project for you and deliver it on time. We offer a wide range of fencing solutions, sizes, colors, and styles to fit your needs. If there will be damages, our excellent warranty terms will cover it for you to save money. We follow strict procedures in handling your fence to ensure that the finished product passes your highest standards.

      We Offer Commercial & Residential Services


      There is nothing worse than seeing your home and property destroyed by a hurricane. We know you worked hard for it so we plan on working hard to get it fixed or replaced for you. Reach out to us so we can help you get your home back.

      What We Do

      We strive to give world-class service to each of our clients. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the quality of your fence surpass your expectations. For over a decade now, our fencing experts are making thousands of customers happy by providing great fencing services.

      • Residential Fencing Service. A tall reliable fence not only secures your home but also protects your loved ones in it. Choosing a beautiful fence helps your lawn stand out in your neighborhood.
      • Commercial Fencing Service. Protect your assets and property from theft and vandalism. A visually appealing fence enhances the beauty of your property, which helps your brand. Aesthetics draws in potential customers and clients to your business.

      Types of Fences We Repair And Install

      We provide services for different types of fencing materials.

      Fence Styles

      Here are a few of the services we offer.

      • Wood Fences
      • Chain Link Fences
      • Vinyl Fences
      • Metal Fences
      • Privacy Fences

      In addition to the above most popular fence solutions below are additional services we offer in your area.

      • Vinyl Fence. Vinyl fences are made with highly durable PVC material. It doesn’t rot like wooden fences or rust like metal fences. Vinyl can be molded into popular fencing styles as well.
      • Privacy Fencing. This type of fence provides a tough layer of protection so no one can see what’s happening in your property.
      • Temporary Construction Fence. Having a fence on your construction site prevents vandalism. The biggest advantage of having a temporary fence is you don’t have to make major changes to the area to install it.
      • Commercial Ornamental Aluminum Fence. Ornamental aluminum is a beautiful and low-maintenance fence for your business property. This type of fence can withstand harsh weather conditions like UV rays and strong winds.

      Indications that You Need Fence Repairs

      Have you noticed some damages on your fence? Maybe, you need to replace your fence’s old rotten posts. Or, you need to re-stain your wooden fence to avoid rotting. If you notice a hairline crack on your vinyl fence, it’s better to fix it immediately. We take care of your fence repair and maintenance so you can focus on other things.

      Reasons to Install a New Fence

      There are lots of indications that might tell you it’s better to replace your old damaged fence with a new one. If a quarter of the boards are rotting, it’s time to install a new fence. Or, a fallen tree branch destroyed a large section of your fence. Having it repaired can cost more than getting a new one! Our company provides a top-notch fence replacement service to increase security and privacy to your home. We offer excellent warranty terms in case your fence gets damaged in the future.

      Advantages of Choosing Our Company

      The Wilmington Fence Company takes care of your residential and commercial fencing needs in Ogden, NC. We are licensed contractors that deliver the best value for your money. Our customer-focused service ensures your satisfaction. Once you decide to book us, we make sure that your fencing project will be finished on time. Book us today for a free quote!

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        Tell us a little about your project, and our team will be in touch shortly.

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