Temporary Construction Fence Installation

Temporary Construction Fencing Service & Repair

Temporary construction fences are easy to transport and remove, which is perfect for short-term use. It’s a portable fence that helps you organize your construction project in a better way. A temporary fence also blocks animals and unwanted guests from wandering around the construction site. We install durable temporary fences that secure the workplace and everyone in it.

Barbed wire temporary construction fence
temporary construction fencing

Benefits of a Temporary Construction Fence

There are lots of benefits to installing temporary construction fences for your projects. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a portable fence is you don’t need to make permanent changes to the site to install it. Construction firms need fences to prevent vandalism and theft. A temporary construction fence is also more affordable than permanent fencing. You can easily transfer temporary fences and add or remove them if necessary. This type of fencing is also very user-friendly. Although not permanent, a portable fence has lots of uses. Events like a large concert and weddings have lots of attendees. Portable fences are great in controlling the crowd and increasing safety.

Types of Construction Fences

Choose from different types of construction fences depending on your budget and needs. Most of the time, picking the right option is based on the work being done.

  • Barricade Fences. Barricade is a popular temporary fencing solution today. It is commonly used in major events where there are large crowds to control. Also, barricade fences prevent vehicles from entering the construction site. Most barricades are made with strong durable materials that increase security against theft.
  • Chain-Link Fences. Chain-link fences are quick and very convenient to install. This type of temporary construction fence is highly customizable depending on your needs.
  • Orange Fencing. Orange fencing is a temporary fence in areas where there is heavy machinery. It is made up of durable plastic mesh that limits the entry of people to certain areas.

Considerations Before Installing a Temporary Fence

There are lots of factors to take into account before choosing a temporary fence. One of the most important ones is the size of your construction site. With the area in mind, you’ll be able to plan your budget for the fence. Another thing to consider is traffic, especially if the construction site is near the road. The temporary shouldn’t block the driveway to avoid accidents.

Hassle-Free Construction Fence Installation

We install highly-durable temporary construction fences for your site. There are plenty of fencing materials to choose from that fit your budget and needs. Our commercial installation service ensures that your projects are secured from theft and vandalism. If you decide to work with us, we’ll deliver fencing solutions that are made only with the best quality materials.

Fence Repair and Maintenance

Proper care is important to keep your fence in the best condition it can be. We take care of your portable fence so you can focus on completing the construction project. Our repair service restores your construction fence to its best shape in no time.

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