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Farm And Ranch Fencing Service & Repair

Installing a farm fence is important to keep your livestock, crops, and property protected. There are lots of fencing materials available to choose from such as wood, vinyl, and chain link. Our team can provide you with quick and affordable fence installation to secure your property.

vinyl farm fencing
White wood vertical farm fence

Benefits of Installing Farm and Ranch Fences

A good fence for your farm or ranch maintains a well-organized and safe environment. Animals can pollute and erode water sources with their waste. A farm fence limits your livestock from accessing the water resource to keep it clean. If your ranch is near the road, a fence prevents livestock from going out and getting into vehicular accidents. Aside from that, farm fences separate animals that can’t live together in the same space. Farm and ranch fences protect your property and assets from unwanted strangers. It creates a barrier that is hard to breach and defines your property line. A fence separates production areas from grazing areas. Your workers will have a clear idea of the workflow and the animals will have their own space to roam freely.

Types of Ranch Fences

There are lots to choose from when it comes to farm and ranch fencing materials depending on your needs. Chain Link typically is the go-to but we offer many options and styles. Consider the pros and cons of different fencing materials before installing one.

Traditional Methods

  • Wooden Farm Fence. Farm fences made out of wood are popular choices for pastures and paddocks. They are excellent in providing privacy and separation for your livestock. Wooden farm fences also add visual appeal to your property. Proper maintenance every few years ensures that this type of fence lasts for years. It lasts up to 20 years but if you go for vinyl-coated wood, the lifespan increases.
  • Barbed Wire Farm Fences. Barbed wire fences keep the intruders away and a cheap option. It is also great in protecting crops from animals. When you choose barbed wire fences, make sure to be very cautious because it can tear up your clothes or it can injure you.

New Methods

  • Woven Wire Farm Fence. This fencing solution is great for enclosing livestock such as pigs, poultry, and sheep. Woven wire is a strong material that will keep the animals from climbing and flying through the fence. Woven wire fences are low maintenance and can last up to 20 years.
  • High Tensile Wire Fence. High tensile wire farm fences are long-lasting and highly-effective solutions. It’s safe that you won’t worry about your animals getting caught in. This type of fencing solution lasts up to 50 years and is easy to maintain.
  • Synthetic Farm Fence. Synthetic farm fences, like a vinyl fence, add visual appeal to your property. Materials like PVC are resistant against rotting, rusting, and discoloration, unlike other options.

Electric Farm Fence

Electric fences are cheap, low-maintenance and effective. It releases short pulses of energy through the wire so the animals won’t dare to pass it. It’s very important that you check whether it’s running properly or it can be dangerous.

Hassle-Free Fence Installation

A farm and ranch fence is always necessary. We offer a quick and hassle-free farm and ranch fence installation that suits your budget. The farm fences we install are made only with the highest quality materials.

Farm and Ranch Fence Repair and Maintenance

Proper care is important to make your fence last for years to come. Our repair maintenance service keeps your ranch fence in the best condition it can be. In case of damage, we will fix it for you! We restore your fence in no time so you can do other things that need your attention.

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