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Athletic Fencing Service & Repair

Our expert fence contractors offer installation and repair services for your athletic fence. Athletic field fences do more than increase the security of sporting events. These fences also help to control the crowd and set limits to specific areas in the field. We install durable and highly-secured sports fencing to maintain order and crowd safety to sporting events.

Baseball Field Athletic Fence
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Types of An Athletic Fence

There are different athletic field fences you can choose from.

Chain link fences are the most common choice for a sports field fence. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The reason why it’s so popular is it’s highly-durable against outside elements. This fence withstands impact from large objects and harsh weather conditions. If you want to enhance the beauty of your chain link fence, consider coating it with PVC. Welded wire fences provide a strong barrier around the field’s perimeter. Many business owners prefer this type of fence over chain link fences with regards to aesthetics. Vinyl athletic fences are cheap and temporary field separation for athletic leagues. Although it’s not as strong as a chain link fence, it’s still flexible enough to endure high impacts.

Features of A Athletic Fence

  • Softball & Baseball Field Fence. Athletic field fences are most commonly found in baseball and softball games. There are lots of areas that you need the fence for including sideline perimeters, batting area, and outfields.
  • Football Field Fence. Football fences are mainly used to separate the crowd from the action inside the field. Usually, the fence is about 4 feet high along with pedestrian gates.
  • Tennis Court Fence. Athletic fencing solutions in tennis are necessary to contain tennis balls. Adding a mesh at a certain size prevents the ball from being stuck.

Benefits of Installing an Athletic Fence

Athletic fences surround sporting event areas to ensure security. Choosing the right athletic field fence is important to keep trespassers away. Outer fences in schools differentiate the playing areas based on the field’s needs. This type of fence also protects both the players and the spectators. The primary priority of athletic field fences in baseball games is crowd safety. To keep the viewers safe, the batting area needs taller fences while the outfield fence is lower. When you decide to work with us, you have the option to customize the height of your athletic fence based on the level of protection that you want.

Hassle-free Athletic Field Fence Installation

We provide highly-durable athletic field fences to keep sporting events secured. Our quick and hassle-free fence installation service allows you to maintain crowd safety and order. We only install long-lasting athletic fences made from premium-quality materials. Our team also offers trash can and dumpster enclosures for your athletic field property. If you decide to work with us, your sporting field enclosure is in great hands.

Sports Field Fence Repair and Maintenance

Proper care is important so your athletic field fence lasts for years to come. Our maintenance service keeps it in the best condition it can be. Avoid future repair costs with regular maintenance. In case of damages, we restore your athletic field fence to its best shape in no time. We handle all the fencing work so you can focus on doing more important things.

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