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We are your reliable commercial fence contractors in Wilmington, NC that provide affordable, high-quality fencing needs. As business owners, we understand that the safety, security, and visual appeal of your business is a high priority. You’ve spent valuable time making your business inviting for customers, now it’s time to protect and secure your investment with professional grade commercial fencing.

Commercial Fence Contractor Services

Commercial Fencing Options

A fence is an excellent way to protect your company’s employees, tenants and equipment, including business owners from schools, corporations, restaurants, athletic fields, apartment complexes and much more.

Fence Styles

  • Chain link
  • Vinyl
  • Farm and Ranch style
  • Barbed Wire and Razor
  • Steel or Ornamental Aluminum
  • Wooden Privacy

Top Commercial Fence Services

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Whether you’re in need of a new commercial fence installation or a simple repair our commercial fence contractors have you covered. Our Carolina fence company will help you find the best solution for your commercial needs. Call us today!

The Many Benefits Of Different Commercial Solutions

Chain Link Fence

This commercial fence solution installs fast and efficiently. And is perfect if you’re looking to set up a secure perimeter quickly. You can install security slats with chain link fencing which helps keep out dust, noise, and wind. This type of chain link fencing can also be handy inside of your business. It’s a great solution to separate different parts of your warehouse or storage facility.

Pool Fencing

Our Fence company of Wilmington offers pool fencing solutions for municipal public pools, rec centers, hotel pools, marinas and much more. Every state has different laws for pool fencing and our experts can make sure your pool fence is compliant with local laws. We offer endless options whether you are looking for functional or simply decorative.

Vinyl Fencing

This solution is great for residential properties or compounds due to its aesthetic look and longevity. Housing complex owners often choose vinyl because it requires very little maintenance. It doesn’t rot, loose color due to the sun, deteriorate, get holes, or rust. It’s lightweight and can withhold extreme weather conditions if installed properly. Vinyl is the perfect blend of security and curb appeal.

Wooden Privacy

This style fencing is great for many commercial needs because it’s very versatile. There are many different styles including flat panel or picket. This comes pre-assembled making for a quick and easy installation. This is a great choice for restaurants with outdoor seating, private housing communities, shopping plazas, banks and more.

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Wood seems to be the go-to for this type of commercial simply because the wood enhances the natural look and feel of the property. Installing a wood fence on your farm or ranch can ensure security measures protecting your livestock. This fencing has many agricultural applications including posts for electric or wire mesh fencing and split rail fences. It also comes with many upgrades for livestock accessories.

Barbed wire and Razor

This style consists of wire with sharp edges weaved around it to keep unwanted intruders or animals out of your property. This style is typically used on top of fences and walls to add an extra layer of protection. It shows people you mean business and deters anyone from trying to enter your property unannounced. Barbwire has agriculture benefits including keeping your livestock inside a particular area. Both types are used for protection, containment, and high-level security.

Ornamental Aluminum or Steel

This tends to be the favored choice amongst commercial owners because it’s extremely durable and heavy duty. The design is versatile since it can be ornamental or aluminum style making it a great choice for decorative or security measures. This type is low maintenance because it’s powder coated so it doesn’t rust and the color will not fade. You can also add panels to give this fencing type additional privacy.


This commercial fencing is a beautiful blend of wood, plastic, and vinyl. Being new to the market not a lot of business owners know about this type of fencing. It’s a great choice for gardening, farming, and perimeter fencing because of its decorative look. The material itself is made out of recycled material making it strong and durable to stand the test of time.

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Why Add Fencing To Your Commercial Property?

First impressions are everything. It’s important to wow your customers and potential employees from the first sight of your business. As business owners, we also believe it’s important to make your employees, contractors, and tenants feel safe and secure on your property. Our Carolina fence company installs numerous styles of commercial fencing and has a solution to fit any budget and taste.

There are endless benefits from installing a commercial fence on your property. Here are just some of the many.

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Containment
  • Aesthetic Quality
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Increase Property Value

As you can see there are numerous reasons to install fencing to your commercial property. Whether you need more privacy or desire to add extra security to your property our commercial fence contractors can provide you with the proper solution. We are so confident in our ability to install your fencing or gate solution that we offer customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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